Beluga™ Slurry Chilling Technology by Ice Solutions

Beluga™ Slurry Chilling Technology provides chilling solutions for a wide range of applications.

Designed and manufactured by Ice Solutions Ltd in New Zealand, the Beluga™ is the only system on the market today that is capable of producing 0°C water and/or pumpable ice slurry from fresh potable water.  

The same system can also generate salt water ice slurry for marine applications.

Ice Solutions Ltd, incorporated in 2000, is part of a refrigeration group founded in New Zealand in 1980.  
Following intensive research and development, Ice Solutions has evolved into a formidable partner when it comes to providing solutions to the start of a cool chain process.  

Ice Solutions has developed significant expertise and knowledge in food processing applications.  We recognise that our customers have unique requirements and can design and deliver process solutions for you.
For further information on these, or any other applications, please contact us.